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PVC Cassing & Capping
PVC Cassing & Capping

PVC Cassing & Capping holds all the advantages and properties that are synonymous with its quality. They are manufactured from special PVC compound having extra toughness. It is anti corrosive. PVC being an inert material most of the chemicals found in soil and water do not affect the casing and screen. Continuous ribs increase permeability by keeping gravel pack away from slot opening. Horizontal slots enable laminar flow into the well reducing well entrance losses. Than the higher permeability reduces draw down and results in saving in pumping energy. They are light in weight. The socket and spigot with suitable thread make them easy to install and requires no welding equipments and generator. All accessories are available for well completion.

 Size (mm) : 12 - 20
 Size (mm) : 25 - 32
 Size (mm) : 22 (Box Type)
 Size (mm) : 12 (Box Type)
 Size (mm) : 30 - 15 (Box Type)
 Size (mm) : 36 - 38 ( Box Type )
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